High School Registration

High School Camp
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Sign Up Online
(for credit card purchases)
There will be an additional (non-refundable) charge for an online registration
Download PDF Forms and Mail In
(Print, complete, and mail in application forms and payment)
There will be no additional charge for a mail-in registration
  1. Click on “Download PDF Forms and Mail In” above and print the PDF.
  2. If unable to print forms, call Message Center (734-647-1232) and state “I need forms” leave name & address
  3. Carefully, complete all 6 forms.
    On page 6, physicals obtained within the last 12 months will be accepted. Send a copy.
  4. Prepare a check in the amount of the deposit or full payment.
    • Payable to: Wolverine Technique Schools
    • Personal Checks will only be accepted through June 1st.
    • U.S. Money Orders and U.S. Cashier’s Checks along with U.S. Cash accepted after June 1st.
    • No credit cards accepted for payment using mail-in registration.
  5. Send completed forms along with payment to address given on page 1 of 6.
  6. After we process your forms and payment, we will mail you a confirmation letter.
  7. Check through your confirmation for errors and missed information.
    • Incorrect or missing information from your confirmation can be scanned and Emailed to: pbromley@umich.edu.
    • Resident campers will receive a Mary Markley Dormitory Permission Slip to be read / signed / and brought with you to registration.
  8. Before leaving for camp, re-read through information on web site.
  9. Drive or fly safely on June 15th
  10. Further Questions? Call Message Center (734-647-1232) or Email pbromley@umich.edu